I Made a Mistake and Cheated… What Do I Do Now?

Cheated and Regret It? Learn What to do Next

We all make mistakes… but some are much bigger than others. Cheating on your significant other is considered one of the most hurtful things that you can do to another person. For some people, they do it out of pure selfishness, but for others it really is just a terrible mistake that fills them with regret – and then even more despair when the person that they loved no longer wants anything to do with them. If you’ve cheated but regret your mistake, here are some things you can do to control the damage and potentially salvage your relationship.

Tip #1: Be Honest

The biggest mistake that you can make after cheating is to lie about it. Chances are you won’t get away with the lie, but even if you do the burden of guilt will weigh you down and my destroy your relationship in a drawn-out and even more painful way. Think of it this way: while there’s a chance your SO will leave you when you tell him you cheated, it’s practically a guarantee that he’ll leave you if someone else tells him! Being honest about it shows your respect for your partner and lends credence to the notion that you see what you did as a mistake.

Tip #2: Don’t Press the Issue

After the bomb has been dropped, it may be tempting to smother your guy in affection to try and “make up” for what you did. This will not work. Not ever. In fact, there’s a good chance that he’s going to want nothing to do with you for a couple of days or even longer after he learns the truth. This is a natural reaction, so don’t jump to any conclusions. He may come back or he may not, but texting him every 10 minutes about is more likely to push him away than anything.

Tip #3: Don’t Make Excuses

Whatever you do, don’t try and justify your actions to your boyfriend or husband. It doesn’t even matter if your reasons had some legitimacy to them – he’s not going to want to hear them and they will only make him resent you. Take full responsibility for your mistake and let him know just how sorry you are.

As a side-note, be careful not to take this too far. Some guys take a cheating woman as carte blanche to do whatever they want – whether it’s cheating themselves or just treating their partner worse in general. Any guy who goes that route isn’t worth fighting to keep, so don’t fall into this trap.

It’s going to take a long time to rebuild the trust in your relationship, so be patient, be respectful, and know when it’s time to give up – because unfortunately, some relationships just can’t come back from infidelity.

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